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19th Century Reclaimed Oak Floorboards

Drummonds’ reclaimed 19th Century floorboards are also processed in our workshops – requiring de-nailing, kilned drying, and then parallel edged to widths that enable us to reuse as much of the floorboard as possible. Before supplying, the face of the floorboard is lightly sanded to maintain the aged character of the reclaimed floorboard.

As with our 18th Century range, Drummonds 19th Century reclaimed floorboards are hand-selected on arrival being divided into two grades; more and less distressed, this reflects the end use of the floorboards whereby a country home will embrace more character in the wood and a town house requires cleaner floorboards to compliment the furnishings and décor.

Old House 19th Century Oak Floorboards – Hand-selected reclaimed floorboards with inherent detail such as splits, shakes and knots to give more character to a floor, supplied in random width floorboards up to 8” wide and 22mm thick.

Town House 19th Century Oak Floorboards – Hand-selected reclaimed floorboards that are of a higher quality and less distressed to give a more elegant, formal floor, supplied in random width floorboards up to 8” wide and 22mm thick.

A Drummonds 19th Century reclaimed Oak floor may be used in all rooms, including those with underfloor heating.

To view our Case Studies for examples of how a Drummonds floor can enhance your home please click here

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